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This is the page reserved especially for Cablo Gula's buddies! You know who you are! But if you don't...hem...oh boy...

David C. : Rastafarai Dub...Dub Reggae! Here are a few photos that
will hopefully make you laugh:

 Take that you tall bastard!

Merci tres beaucoup! 

Bob Snapp !

The inimitable Puss-in-Boots ( Antonio Banderas ) in Dreamworks' Shrek 2

                                       Fear me! If you dare!
Enrique: The Mexican...also known as "The Big Foreheaded One"

I feel good about this... Down down knight's going down...down down knight's going down!

 Could my forehead BE any bigger??

                                                 Smoke em!

                                                  In PRISON!!!
Thomas: UUUbley ! Tommy Boy aka the "Holy Shit"!

Birdy Num Nums ?

Oompa Loompa Doompa Dee Do...

Movie Image

 Captain Insano? Pretend? Can of whoopass? Tackling fuel.

 F*** It Away! Just Like Your mama!


Woah! Most excellent dude!
Soruban: "The Father" or the Skinny One
Wake up you dork! Time to complain and bust Maitre Van's balls!

I am The One...Am I?...Aren't I? etc...
Be a man! Do the right thing!

Come on Mr Anderson, just 1 kiss! Don't be shy!

I am...THE LAW! I have...a gay outfit!
PPPPick up a Penguin!
Prray for mercy from...
Tanguy: Tanguy Long Legs ! Tanguy man the greatest hero of them all!  

 A jelly bean Harvey?

A ring-a-ding-ding

Shame on you!

 Run Hutch! Run like the wind!
Michael J.: aka Mikou, aka Chosen One


 That's a lot of nuts!!!!

"C'etait bien marrant!"   Copyright  C :This message was brought to you by Michael Inc.
David H-P: also known as "The Big One" or Maigros!

Look at my sexy body!

"Bring me the head of Bib Fortuna, and a bucket of hot fat."

Ooh! Frisky are we! By the way, Fulham suck!
Camille: aka Jeffersson! or Goooooldmember!

Goldmember - He's from Holland

 I love Goooold! Igen dat weird?

 Moly moly!
Alexandre B.: aka Bellou or Le Scout!

Manges moi!

 Aalrighty then!  
Toujours prets...a faire des conneries!
Richard: also known as Eggboy or Dick

Timothy C. : also known as "Number 2" or "Tim"

 Hello Dr Evil! Did you know I feared God?

 i'm gonna cry know...
Gregoire D. : also known as Greg Focker

 Hey Greg! It's!

Cool! Top Gun a la TV! Bof, ca vaut pas Days of Thunder mais bon...

How you doin' ?



Lucineh D. : also known as Mini Me

 Hey, i'm Mini Me, come get me!

I am one with the universe!!

How you doin' ?

Alexandra L.: Also known as "Frau Hitler", Yoda or Trinity

Tout a fait!

Neo, darling, dodge this!

La Bulle.
Benedicte C.: aka Bebs or ...Ben...or..Bedenicte

I proclaim this planet: Trumania, of the Burbank galaxy!

 Hey, she kind of looks like you, doesn't she?
Chewing gum is really gross, chewing gum I hate the most.
Rachel G: also known as "Evil Leprechaun" or Pucelle

 Eeevil I say!  You can't find more EEvil than me!

Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko), Jena Malone (Gretchen Ross) and James Duval (Frank the Rabbit)

28 days, 6 hours, 42minutes, 12 seconds...that is when the world will end.
Khatidja K. : known as Katou

Hey! It's raining green numbers again! Where's my umbrella?

 Talk to the hand!


 Plug in baby!
I'm feeling pretty good actually...
Sophia. L: aka Schtroumpfette or Sophiamse

Hello Sophia! It's me! Your Camden friend!
This is so weird, the wind is blowing towards the storm!
 Laurie S: aka Sire Senechal or La Peniche Doree

 Faut etre clair, ca c'est une belle peniche!

 Est ce une Peniche? Reponse: Oui.

Want a chocolate?

 En l'ocurrence, me voila quand j'avais 20 ans.
Jean G. : also known as Jeanie or Jean Jeanie 

I'm the Genie around here OK??

Can you stand on your head?!

I caaaaaaan?!

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