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Here are some cool websites, recommended by yours truly. Click on the links to go...wherever it is you want to go... : A great Jim Carrey website with sounds, animations, pictures, news. : A colourful and delighully nuts website dedicated to the great Steve Martin. : An interesting and well constructed site which contains new film reviews from critics all over. : A good site which contains all the film reviews, news, pictures from the Empire Magazine. : The Internet Movie Database is filled with reviews, facts and just about anything on every film there is. : A cool Blade Runner fansite.

Little Miss Carrey's Jim Carrey Page : A nice little page from a faithul Jim Carrey fan. : Here you can buy pictures, movie posters for a good price. The easiest way to build a website. And for free! A cool website where you can find numerous fansites, informations on your favourite actors/actresses not to mention a lot of helpful film-related links. Also check out their Jim Carrey page:

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