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Woo Hoo! A Simpsons Page! Plenty of D'OH s in here!
What's new on this page?: The Simpsons Star Guests

    Episodes reviews:

The Simpsons Halloween special: Tree House of Horror



This is the Halloween Special in which Bart and Lisa tell each other ghost stories in the treehouse whilst Homer is listening just outside. The first story entitled “Bad Dream House” sees the family moving to a new house unaware that it was buried on an Indian burial ground and is haunted by a sort of evil poltergeist /spirit that wants them out. Pretty soon, books and furniture are flying around, Homer drops from the ceiling, Bart almost gets strangled by the telephone and Homer and the kids all get posessed and try to kill each other. When Marge makes eventually makes contact and tells off the spirit it is given the choice to either live with the Simpsons or destroy itself, guess when one it picked. The second story, “Hungry are the Damned” has the Simpsons abducted by slimy aliens called Kang and Kodos. Lisa pretty soons suspects that they’re trying to fatten them up so they can eat them later, but is she right? Finally, some Edgar Allan Poe poetry is included in “The Raven. Homer is tormented by his late wife and a raven (that looks suspiciously like Bart) that keeps saying “never more”.

Overall, this is one of the best Halloween Specials and a true classic. Not only is it original and very funny but it is also an impressively stylish episode.


Overall: *****/5

Laughs: ****/5


Scene Script:


Raven: Never more!
Homer: Be that way you stupid raven! Thy so I've spoken! Leave my looniness unbroken! Take thy beak from in out my heart and take thy form from off my door!
Raven: Never more!
Homer: Take thy beak from in out my heart and take thy form from off my door.
Raven: Never more!
Homer: Why you little...
Raven: Uh Oh!
Homer: I'll get you now, raven!
(Raven drops vase on Homer)
Homer: Please don't hit me!
Raven (several dancing around Homer after being hit by vase): Never more, never more, never more, never more, never more!

Marge On The Lam

In this classic episode, Homer unwittingly agrees to accompany Marge to the ballet (thinking ballet involves a little bear riding an electric car in a circus, of course) but he gets stuck in not one but 2 vending machines, trying to get free candy and cola. Marge ends up by going to the ballet without him but she brings her rebellious neighbour Ruth Powers. They eventually become very good friends and end up being pursued by the police across the highway (in an excellent Thelma and Louise spoof). The episode not only has an original story but it’s also one of the funniest I’ve seen. Homer is dumber than ever and is the source of most of the funniest gags. But, surprisingly, it’s Lionel Hutz’s unexpected appearance that almost steals the show! Not to mention Chief Wiggum, who proves he’s just as stupid as Homer and they make a very funny combination. The jokes come fast and strong and prove that when The Simpsons is at his best, it’s unbelievably hilarious. The whole Thelma and Louise pastiche is handled very well and brings some funny twists to the story.

Episode: ****/5
Laughs: *****/5
Some Funny Quotes From the Episode:

GUY: …we’re gonna have to saw your arms off

HOMER: They’ll grow back right?

GUY: Em…sure…


HUTZ: Look at him, he’s wearing a belt! That’s Hollywood for you…


HUTZ: Say hello to Miguel Sanchez!


HUTZ: Hello Mr Simpson, I was just going through your garbage when I heard you needed a babysitter!


HUTZ (wakes up suddenly and pulls out a knife): Don’t touch my stuff!!! Wait, this isn’t the YMCA?!


WIGGUM: You should get one of those inflatable women! But make sure it’s a woman though coz this one time I…uh…hehe


WIGGUM: Oh my God! It just disappeared!…It’s a Ghost Car!!


KENT BROCKMAN: It’s in revelations people!!!


NARRATOR: Lionel Hutz, aka Miguel Sanchez, aka Dr Nuyon Von Fock was paid 8 dollars for his 82 hours of babysitting, he was glad to get it.


The Simpsons Star Guests


As we all know, some famous stars often make an appearance in the Simpsons, here are a few of my favourites:


Steve Martin



Mel Brooks



David Duchovny



Michael Keaton







 A few cool pictures! Woo Hoo!


"You're an excellent wizard Harry!"

"El Michael Melangelo woz here!"

"Sideshow Blob?"

"The forks are strong here..."

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