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Here, you can see what new video games you should be playing, or should not be...well...playing!

The Chronicles Of Riddick (Only on X-Box)

 Finally, a video game based on a film that's not complete cockroach poo! In this game, only available on X-Box (mwahahahaha), Vin Diesel's cool muscle-bag creation Riddick, who first appeared in the cult sci-fi film Pitch Black, is the most wanted man in the Universe and you need to control him through a great original story set before the events of both Riddick films. The anti-hero must escape from a terrible prison called Butcher Bay. the game is very violent and is a bit like Manhunter in that you need to kill quite a lot of people to survive. Sometimes with knives, clubs or even screwdrivers!
It is also a stealth game in which you need to stay in the dark as much as possible. The whole thing looks very good with Diesel providing his voice as well as his looks and the suspense can get pretty intense.
Lets face it, it kicks ass, and if you have the X-Box like me (hee hee) then you must get it, if you don't have the X-Box...Oh boy...
Overall: ****1/2 /5
 Van Hellsing (Ps2, X-\Box)

  Frankenstein, Dracula and The Wolfman reunited sounds like a pretty dumb idea for a movie, doesn't it? I mean, when you think about it! But for a video game? Hm...I wonder...
 According to Empire Magazine, this game's combats against vampires and evil monsters are a sort of mixture of other games and sound all too familiar: it has similarities with: Devil May Cry, Mortal Kombat and Zelda: Ocarina of time (3 really cool games).
 You are vampire hunter Van Helsing and you are armed with a very wide range of weapons to kick major evil vampires' asses such as: guns, lots of guns, grappling hooks, and of course a crossbow.
 Apparently, the game's story stays close to the one in the movie so fans of the film will be pleased. As for the graphics, they look good but not spectacular. Overall, it looks like a game made out of the best bits of other, better games. But, for Van Helsing fans, it is bound to be entertaining. 
 James Bond: Everything or Nothing (X-Box, Play. 2, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance)

  Goldeneye, the best bond game on any console (Agent Under Fire-Oh Dear-, Nightfire-average-), has not yet been surpassed. Everything or Nothing also misses the target but, according to X-Box and Empire Magazines, it is a must-play and contains the voices of Pierce Brosnan, Judi Dench, John Cleese, Shannon Elizabeth, Richard Kiel (Jaws), and even Willem Dafoe! This adds some coolness to the game.
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (X-Box, Game Cube)                                

 How can you screw up a game inspired by a film that has a great story, captivating characters and beautiful locations? I don't know, but this game shows that anything is possible! A real shame indeedy!
              James Bond: Nightfire ( X-Box, Playstation 2)

James Bond 007: NightFire

 Better than its crappy predecessor Agent Under Fire but still average. The graphics are good, so is the story and the playability but it isn't very engaging and the Multiplayer mode is disappointing. Still, it is pretty good fun and deserves to be checked out.
Overall: ***/5
 Minority Report (X-Box, Play-2, Game Boy Advance)! Could this game be any worse? It is repetitive: every level is the same only that everytime you have to beat up twice more badguys! So you can guess what it looks like at the final level: Benny Hill! Even though the graphics are OK and the Jetpack mode is pretty cool it is one of the hardest and most boring games on the X-Box. Trust me...don't buy it!
Overall: **/5

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