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In this new page, you can find out all the answers to the riddles, the "Who Said?" question and the quizzes! I hope you tried hard to answer all the questions by yourself before coming here! Otherwise, you're a wimp!!

 WHO SAID?  answers:
"Can a heart still break if it stops beating?"
Richard E. Grant in Corpse Bride (Lord Barkis)
All hail Thomas Strange, who got it right!
"In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight"

Jim Carrey in the Truman Show
"Chewing gum is really gross, chewing gum I hate the most"

Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
"It's not who I am inside, but what I do which defines me"

Christian Bale in Batman Begins
"Once I tried to take my pants off over my head!"

Woody Allen in Annie Hall
 "I'm gonna hit you so hard, I'll kill him!"

Michael Keaton in Multiplicity
"How about a little respect for the deceased?"

Steve Martin in All Of Me 
"Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get!" 

Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump

Well done Laurie S. ! And congratulations on your excellent school results!
 "I couldn't believe she knew my name! Some of my best friends didn't know my name!"

Ben Stiller in Something About Mary
 "Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it, but a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it!"

Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns
"I'm not gonna hurt you! I'm just gonna bash your brains in!"

Jack Nicholson in The Shining
"I may not have much but I have more determination than anyone you're likely to meet!"

Ewan McGregor in Big Fish
"One minute you're chewing on a burger, the next minute you're dead meat!"

Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber
 The Riddles: answers and winners:
What has a neck but no head?
The answer is: A BOTTLE
Well done THOMAS STRANGE. Way to (come and) go!
I am greater than God,
More evil than Satan,
All rich people want me,
Yet all poor people have me,
If you eat me, you will die,
The answer is: NOTHING
JEFF NAAB got it surprisingly fast! Well done!
How is a question mark, a lot like a politician?
Some people like to paint on me,
Maybe to hide the white marks on my body,
       WHAT AM I ?
The answer is: A NAIL
 TANGUY R. needed a clue to get this one! Getting tough isn't it?
Most of the time, I prefer to be at the end,
 Except in Spain, where I often do a headstand!
       WHAT AM I ?
The answer is: A QUESTION MARK
  TANGUY R. is on fire!
 If you say my name, I no longer exist,
     What am I?
The answer is: SILENCE
 Two winners this time! JEFFERSON and, of course, TANGUY R.
(sorry BENEDICTE C., too late!) 
We're 5 items of an everyday sort,
       You'll find us all in     a tennis court,
             What are we?
The answer is: VOWELS! (A tEnnIs cOUrt)
 Oops! TANGUY did it again!
 All eight of us go forth and back,
                  To protect our king  from a foe's attack,
                                What are we?    
The answer is:  CHESS PAWNS ! 
   Oops! TANGUY R. did it again! Your prize is om it's way!
         Tear me off and scratch my head,
            What once was red is black instead,
                           What am I ?
The answer is: A MATCH !
  Congratulations to DAVID C. who found the answer!
          If you look at the numbers on my face,
          You won't find 13 anyplace.
            What am I ?
The answer is: A CLOCK !
  Well done TANGUY R. ! 
Persons of the Week:
Jack Lemmon
(Week 1)

Why?: Simply because ITV showed 'The Apartment' and 'Some Like It Hot' this week (2 brilliant films) and it reminded me of how good this guy really was. A comic genius and a terrific actor.
Paul Giamatti
(Week 2)
WHY?: Because the brilliant Sideways came out on DVD recently and his Oscar nomination worthy performance is a real delight to watch. He was also great in Man on the Moon, American Splendor, Paycheck and The Truman Show.
Mickey Rourke
(Week 3)
WHY?: Because it's just really good to see a great actor like Mickey making a come-back to what he does best: acting! (forget boxing Mickey!). He's made a bunch of cool films since he came back: Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Spun and now, the extremely cool Sin City! He's well and truly back, thanks Rob Rodriguez.
Christian Bale
(Week 4)
WHY?: Because he is excellent as Bruce Wayne and Batman in Batman Begins. And he is arguably the best actor to have incarnated the dark hero yet. Also, lets not forget his brilliant performances in American Psycho and Equilibrium. The Machinist is coming out soon on DVD, a film to check out.
Stephen Chow
(Week 5)
WHY?: Because his new film Kung Fu Hustle is a refreshing little comedy that has charmed film critics everywhere. It contains some kick-ass special effects, hilarious scenes and cartoon-like chases and gags. Terrific fun.
Johnny Depp
(Week 6)
WHY?: Because he's perormance as the delightfully insane Willy Wonka in the brilliant Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a must-see. His previous collaborations with director Tim Burton have always been excellent: Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow...More of that please Johnny. 
Matt Dillon
(Week 7)
WHY?: Because he's simply excellent in the new film Crash, in which he plays a bitter police officer with racist views. Hopefully, this performance will put Matt back on the map
Hayao Miyazaki
(Week 8)
WHY?: Because his latest animated gem Howl's Moving Castle is another brilliant, magical film and the Japanese Disney proves once again that he is a genius

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