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WHO SAID : "The truth hurts doesn't it? Oh, sure maybe not as much as jumping on a bike with the seat missing... "

 Hi there! And how are you this afternoon alrighty then! Welcome to this new site! Here you'll find lots of cool stuff on films and especially the almighty: Jim Carrey! Enjoy my site guys! Spank you...spank you very much.

If, however, you couldn't give a rat's testicle about the Rubber-Faced One then shame on you! But don't worry! This is also a film site as well as a Jim Carrey fansite so check it out anyway, you might be pleasantly surprised!
Thanks for taking a look at my site. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently, so please check back often.
+Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Spiderman 2 reviews

Riddle Me This !
"What five letter word has six left after you take two letters away?"
 If you know the answer, Contact Me and your name will be included on the site...or will it?  There's another riddle for ya!   
       By the way, all the answers to the previous riddles can be found in the new ANSWERS page!

Person of the Week!
Tim Burton
WHY?: Because he's really treating us this year. First he brings us the chocolaty goodness of his Roald Dahl adaptation and now, with the Corpse Bride, he's created what is probably the best animated film of the year. Gothic, dramatic, impressive. Burton has definitely not lost his magic touch.

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+ Top Tenz Agogo

+ Oh! I-I...I almost forgot, you know, I-I-I've conjured up a-a "buddies" page for...for Cablo Gula's friends, you know, I-I hope you like's not exactly what I would call a...memorable event but, you know, it did Communism...for a couple of know? Jees, I-I feel nautious...





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+ Who are the kings of comedy? Find out here!
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