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Pull The Strings

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What is a "Pull the Strings"?, I hear you mutter. Find out and enjoy this fun page that allows you to laugh at some unfortunate actors!

 A "Pull the Strings" is an expression given to an annoying or bad performance given by an ageing actor in a crappy film. It can be a cameo or a part that you just know doesn't suit the actor. Most of the time, the result is pathetic and/or hilarious.
 This page includes a list of films in which there are "Pull the Strings" by very famous actors.
(Note: this expression was borrowed from Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" in which Bela Lugosi's Pull The Strings are portrayed.)

Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) Pull The Strings: Bela Lugosi

Without a doubt, the ultimate pull the strings. Poor old Bela Lugosi, who was once Dracula, became a friend of director Edward D. Wood Jr when he was old and finished, little did he know at the time that the Ed Wood in question was to become known as the worst director of all time! Bela made a whole string of pull the strings including in the film Bride of the Monster and Glen or Glenda in which he actually said the words “pull the strings” repeatedly. Which was very random indeed. Lugosi died during the filming of Plan 9 From Outer Space but Ed Wood used some old footage of him and included it into the movie thus creating the very first Pull The Strings from beyond the grave. It was dedicated to him as well. Some guy played Bela in some scenes, wisely covering his face with his cape the whole time and the scenes where Bela actually appears are very random and, consequently, unintentionnally hilarious.


 Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000) Pull The Strings: Robert DeNiro

Fearless Leader ( Robert DeNiro ) in Universal's The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

  What possessed the great De Niro to star in such a film? He's not even funny! If he was, I would say:"OK, it's dumb but at least he's funny" but he unfortunately is not. He plays a sort of Dr Evil-like nazi general, or something along those lines. Poor DeNiro, this Pull the Strings is one of the first signs of weakness from his carreer. We all know he can do comedy (Analyse This, Meet The Parents) but cartoon comedy? Nah.
 Halloween 5 (1989) Pull the strings: Donald Pleasence

 Oh dear. Donald Pleasence, also known as Blofeld in the James Bond films (the real Dr Evil), starred in the 5th Halloween film (arguably the worst of them all) and was hilariously bad in it!
 I mean, he totally tortures a little girl (not literally of course!) and shouts at her all the time...for no apparent reason!! She tries to tell him about the killer Mike Myers and he doesn't believe her so he starts shaking her like a lunatic! A real pull the strings by a once excellent actor.
Sugar Hill (1994) Pull the Strings: Abe Vigoda   

 Ahhh! This is the One! The Daddy of Pull the Strings! Ok, he might not be a very famous actor but his pull the strings has to be one of the funniest ever!
 He did star in the Godfather but it's his weird performance in the overlong but interesting Sugar Hill (with Wesley Snipes) which is the most memorable.
 At one point, he's talking to Snipes he says: "he started taking the shit..." and he pauses for no reason then, in a squeaky voice he says, almost shouting: "MONEY WAS LOST!!!!!!" I was like Woah! What the F***! What happens next is also hilarious. And it's supposed to be a very serious scene!!
Baby Geniuses (1999) Pull the Strings: Christopher Lloyd

 Christopher Lloyd is one of the funniest guy on the planet as well as a comedy genius and a good actor. But that shit Baby Geniuses movie was really...well...shit! After having stolen the show in films like The Addams Family, Back to the Future and Dream Team it's weird that Lloyd was reduced to starring in such a terrible film. But even though his performance isn't the worst of the film it's still quite bad indeed!